Cancel Culture Is Targeting Charity… Here’s What You Can Do.

Americans have always been free to give to nonprofit causes they believe in, but left-wing political activists are trying to limit that freedom.

Left-wing groups like Amalgamated Foundation and Unmasking Fidelity are demanding that donor advised funds stop their account holders from supporting charities they believe in. Unmasking Fidelity, for example, demanded that Fidelity Charitable publicly disclose five years’ worth of contributions to 10 targeted organizations with whom the activists disagree on a variety of hot-button issues.

This list includes mainstream conservative organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom, Turning Point USA, and Family Research Council. They are also demanding that Fidelity Charitable impose a litmus test that would screen out certain charities as giving options. Of course, this litmus test would only target conservative and religious groups.

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WATCH: ADF Senior Vice President Jeremy Tedesco explains this attack on donor privacy:

This is wrong. It is a form of cancel culture meant to intimidate and silence you.

If a philanthropic leader like Fidelity, which distributed over $10.3 billion in 2021, folds to the pressure, others will soon follow. This is a major threat to freedom, and the activist pressure extends far beyond Fidelity.

Do you want to stand against activists who want to control where your charitable dollars go? Here’s how:

Reach Out Directly to Fidelity Charitable
Financial institutions answer to their account holders, not activists. Make your voice heard!

Send Us Your Story
We’re compiling stories of Fidelity Charitable and other financial institutions bowing to cancel culture activists. Share your story here.

Join the Movement
This threat to free speech goes deeper than just Fidelity Charitable. Follow what ADF is doing to urge financial institutions and all companies to respect the diverse viewpoints of their customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

No one should live in fear of harassment or intimidation simply for supporting the causes they believe in.

Don’t let cancel culture silence you or anyone else. Make your voice heard and stand up against activists trying to cancel your freedom to give!

How ADF is Protecting Philanthropic Freedom

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